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  1. Christeljanine M.

    Christeljanine M.

    run 10 k in 35mins

  2. Kristina


    Norman, OK Improve endurance in ice hockey and work towards a 1/2 or full marathon.

  3. Stephen B.

    Stephen B.

    Pittsburgh, PA To lose some of this body fat I've gained over the past 6 months of inactivity since I stopped playing hockey.

  4. Ryan M.

    Ryan M.

    Ann Arbor, MI Running to get in shape, build my stamina back up, and hopefully get into hockey shape again. Getting married in October and I want to lose this gut!

  5. Sequoia W.

    Sequoia W.

    Newport News, VA Field Hockey and Fitness

  6. Adam T.

    Adam T.

    Birmingham, GB Hockey season 2013/14

  7. Ben C.

    Ben C.

    Chicago, IL hockey season, Boston qualifier, etc.

  8. Matt B.

    Matt B.

    New Carlisle, OH to be in the best shape of my life

  9. Noob S.

    Noob S.

    WI Develop consistent running habits, better speed/strength in hockey, 5K in spring 2011

  10. Caroline M.

    Caroline M.

    Brownsville, PA Keep up with the boys at ice hockey.

  11. Rachel M.

    Rachel M.

    Holyoke, MA Keep in shape for hockey, train for a century ride

  12. Stuart G.

    Stuart G.

    Lose weight & improve fitness for my roller hockey team and a career in law enforcement.

  13. Ronni


    CA Field Hockey Captain!

  14. Ciara L.

    Ciara L.

    My goal is to improve physically and improve in my game for hockey!

  15. Matt V.

    Matt V.

    Montgomery Village, MD Hopefully I can get my lazy a** back in shape - I haven't regularly exercised since the Police Academy 10 years ago, and I can feel it.

  16. Mariano
  17. Jasmine N.

    Jasmine N.

    New York, NY Hi Jasmine is there. I want to be a player, i like games these are good for my health and mind these keep me fresh. My favourite game is Hockey.

  18. Dinosaur R.

    Dinosaur R.

    Cambridge, MA have fun making up games

  19. Jason P.

    Jason P.

    Singapore, SG Adidas Sundowner UltraMarathon 2009 (84km)

  20. Michelle A.

    Michelle A.

    Basin, WY fitness, get back into running, complete a few 5Ks with an eye toward doing a sprint tri or two this summer.