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  1. Loren T.

    Loren T.

    Clear Lake, IA JUNE 17: FAMILY SKYPE video rendezvous. Garden planted, NIC riding high. A very productive summer run. Life is good! I spread my wings and FLY!

  2. Clifton
  3. Malcolm
  4. Nolan
  5. David
  6. Louis
  7. Julie C.

    Julie C.

    US My goal is to make a tour of whole world, I want to travel different countries of the world and want to know the history of all nations specially their past.

  8. Carol W.

    Carol W.

    New York, NY Here you’ll find detailed Information, History, Photos & Carl\'s original HAND TO HAND COMBAT & MARTIAL ARTS DVDs.

  9. Dorfcoby


    New York, NY help. Vxl Male Enhancement has a secret history.

  10. Anna S.

    Anna S.

    Boston, MA To be able to run a 10k again.

  11. Bethany C.

    Bethany C.

    Rochester, NY A 5k, using the Couch-to-5k program :)

  12. Jenna L.

    Jenna L.

    Fort Wayne, IN I'd love to work up to running a mile without stopping. Yes, folks, I'm setting the bar pretty low! But I've never been able to do this, so here goes nothin'!

  13. Jamie L.

    Jamie L.

    To run my first half-marathon around my 40th birthday this fall.

  14. Andrew F.

    Andrew F.

    My first goal is to run a 5K!

  15. Vaughn
  16. Noah
  17. Myles
  18. Frederick
  19. Casey
  20. Mark