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  1. Pete M.

    Pete M.

    Worcestershire, GB Staying fit and healthy. First 15k down, now how about a half marathon in 2011?

  2. Przemyslaw K.

    Przemyslaw K.

    Glasgow, GB enjoy the scenery

  3. Steven M.

    Steven M.

    Cowes, GB

  4. Jennie M.

    Jennie M.

    Aberdeen, GB Regain my fitness and remain injury free!! (",)

  5. James D.

    James D.

    Falkirk, GB New year and new goals, first in line is to go back and run The Highland Fling, unfinished business with this one and The Devil O The Highlands Foot Race

  6. Joan S.

    Joan S.

    Londonderry, GB To enjoy running for fitness, freindship and fun.