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  1. Dorothy S.

    Dorothy S.

    Waco, TX Section hiking the AT and any other hiking I can get in. I also plan some rafting and kayaking trips in the next few months.

  2. J C.

    J C.

    Virginia Beach, VA 8k- Sept, Hiking in WA- Oct

  3. Cecilia K.

    Cecilia K.

    Boulder, CO hiking 14ers, running a half marathon

  4. L M.

    L M.

    Springville, AL Make hiking easier, more stable and quicker. Make the physical therapy for scoliosis more consistent so the back hurts less. Flexibility and strength in dance.

  5. Elsa


    Arlington, WA 5k done! Another 5k in April, then an 8k in May. More endurance for hiking. Overall, to run a 5k four days a week and lose weight in the process.

  6. Bri


    Bend, OR Working on getting back to it post knee surgery. Running, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, swimming... you name it.

  7. Stacey W.

    Stacey W.

    Eugene, OR To run a PR for a half marathon (doable). To run a PR for a 5k (that will be tough). To be fit for skiing, hiking, climbing, biking.

  8. Monika M.

    Monika M.

    hiking Inca Trail later this summer,health, and weight loss

  9. Lauren L.

    Lauren L.

    Apex, NC General health and fitness, maybe ATT half or Rock and Roll Half in Raleigh. More trail running/hiking/walking and yoga too!

  10. Morgan E.

    Morgan E.

    Sequim, WA Healthy Lifestyle, Stay in shape for surfing, hiking, and SeaFair

  11. David L.

    David L.

    Sacramento, CA Was a great year for cycling, backpacking, and hiking. Looking forward to even more this year.

  12. Brian W.

    Brian W.

    Lincolnton, NC Get in shape to enjoy hiking mountain trails

  13. Stephen H.

    Stephen H.

    Sandy, OR Get down to my goal weight, and do at least one running or biking or hiking event a month with other people.

  14. Alicia T.

    Alicia T.

    Grand Junction, CO Lose some weight, be able to do things I want to do better, like hiking, biking, etc...

  15. Molly N.

    Molly N.

    Lincoln, NE I'm swimming for sanity and when I'm stuck on dry land, I enjoy cycling, hiking, jogging and sometimes, just doing nothin at all.

  16. Leo R.

    Leo R.

    US To get in better shape and get involved in road races & hiking.

  17. Wendie W.

    Wendie W.

    Cascade, CO get outside most days of the week for walking, hiking, running or playing

  18. Brigitte B.

    Brigitte B.

    Madison, WI 1. Counteract what my sedentary job & long commute do to my body 2. Get in good shape for some serious hiking, canoeing, biking & backpacking 3. Do a pull-up!

  19. Julie M.

    Julie M.

    Portland, OR Get back into shape so I can do my favorite things! Hiking, biking, camping, walking, climbing, swimming, and dancing!

  20. Scott R.

    Scott R.

    Monterey, CA Simply to get into better shape... running, hiking, surfing, paddling, skating... whatever.