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  1. Bob V.

    Bob V.

    Austin, TX Run as often as possible, remain uninjured. Finished an Ugly Decker Half 3:29!, but had a much better Austin Half 2:58!

  2. Vira K.

    Vira K.

    Lansdale, PA Sub-4:00 at NJ Marathon! And have fun along the way!

  3. Travis F.

    Travis F.

    Blue Springs, MO Just trying to get back into the groove of running.

  4. Mike D.

    Mike D.

    Pittsfield, MA 1. Continue to workout throughout 2017 2. Get to and maintain a weight of 162 lbs. 3. Run a 5K in under 23 minutes 4. Run a half marathon in under 2 hours

  5. Lisa L.

    Lisa L.

    VA Training for Shamrock half marathon at the moment.

  6. Jason T.

    Jason T.

    Indianapolis, IN >1000 mi. of running; >125 mi. barefoot [√ 8-Sep]; fewer consecutive running days; x-train more; kids' marathon with boys; run during vacation with wife [√ 3x]

  7. Chris D.

    Chris D.

    London, GB 90m Half Marathon by summer 2014 20m 5K by end of 2013