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  1. Crystal G.

    Crystal G.

    Louisville, KY Boston Qualifiying time - finishing strong and healthy!

  2. Robert S.

    Robert S.

    Miami, OK To get healthy, improve cardio, and run my first marathon. For some reason I feel the need to run. I'm new to this so any tips would be great!

  3. Nicole L.

    Nicole L.

    San Francisco, CA Healthy & Sexy Body | Happy Mind | General Active Lifestyle | Strength & Fitness | Balanced Diet (long ways to go)

  4. Julie P.

    Julie P.

    Wichita, KS To get healthy so I can run more ultras and trail runs

  5. Mi-an Dela C.

    Mi-an Dela C.

    Baldwin, NY to be healthy, active, and happy!

  6. Pilar S.

    Pilar S.

    To feel fit, healthy, and alive. Simple enough, right?

  7. Denise


    Cincinnati, OH fitness and quality of life.

  8. Stephanie H.

    Stephanie H.

    Hattiesburg, MS Halloween Hustle 5k October 2013; 10k in November... HALF in February!

  9. Aw M.
  10. Stephanie M.

    Stephanie M.

    Mentone, AL The Peachtree in Atlanta, GA on July 4!

  11. Monica


    Grant, NE To not get so worked up over training and racing and just enjoy the whole process! Oh, and to start a running club in our town!

  12. Ilona M.

    Ilona M.

    Caledonia, IL Run, jog, walk, hike, cycle, swim, stretch, lift or crawl 30 mins/day. Hide and seek ♥s. Be kind. Forgive. Thank!! Pray. Be. Laugh. Go. Be. One/Won.

  13. Amy K.

    Amy K.

    Centerville, MN Make fitness a priority. Get back to 25+ miles running and purposeful walking per week. Improve pace and endurance. Core/cross training a few times a week.

  14. Mandy


    Bangkok, TH To reach 130 pounds.

  15. Laura W.

    Laura W.

    Waltham, MA Half marathon, May 29, 2011

  16. Molly K.

    Molly K.

    Eau Claire, WI

  17. Colette B.

    Colette B.

    Camarillo, CA I want to be able to run 3 miles for starters, then up to six. I want to love to run!

  18. Marlo T.

    Marlo T.

    Boulder, CO Improve my running time and over all fitness

  19. Ez


    OH just personal weight loss and health.

  20. Amy D W.

    Amy D W.

    Parishville, NY 7mile run