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  1. Janell E.

    Janell E.

    Gilbert, AZ Lose 40 pounds and walk everyday!

  2. Andre
  3. Amber B.

    Amber B.

    OK Run my first 5K Race and learn all I can about the running world!

  4. Kailey I.

    Kailey I.

    Rye, NH To run a marathon in 2013 and set new PRs in upcoming 1/2 marathons and 10ks!

  5. Juan G.

    Juan G.

    Corpus Christi, TX Run 1 1/2 mile under 9 mins and 3 miles under 21 mins.

  6. Kelsey S.

    Kelsey S.

    Menomonie, WI get back to working out 6 days/week! run at least 3 of those days, yoga one, weight training one, spinning one, and something fun one!

  7. Benjamin K.

    Benjamin K.

    Bartlesville, OK 100 pull ups, 200 pushups, 50 four finger pushups, run 12 miles in one hour, 7% body day, eat healthy, ba the best version of myself that I can be and have fun!

  8. Hannah T.

    Hannah T.

    Wauwatosa, WI Beat 10K PR of 51:44 Beat Half Marathon PR of 1:52 RUN A FULL MARATHON

  9. Patty B.

    Patty B.

    To be fit, strong, and healthy.

  10. Laura J

    Laura J

    Mc Henry, IL I have a long bucket list, and qualifying for Boston is at the top of it.

  11. Numbers
  12. Joanne D.

    Joanne D.

    To run a 2-hour 1/2 Marathon, run another marathon in 2014 and stay injury free :)

  13. Meghan C.

    Meghan C.

    Memphis, TN

  14. Sammi B.

    Sammi B.

    Golden, CO Run a 5K in under 23 minutes, Run a marathon, hike 10 more 14-ers this year :)

  15. Jodi F.

    Jodi F.

    Chicago, IL

  16. Ole


  17. Maureen


    Gettysburg, PA Get toned, lose the remaining 30 of 75 that I need to be rid of.

  18. Dave M.

    Dave M.

    Chestertown, NY

  19. Jennifer A.

    Jennifer A.

    Alexandria, VA Miami Beach Half-Marathon in March

  20. Brandi S.

    Brandi S.

    Tollhouse, CA I want to finish the Umstead 100 Mile Run in April 2013 in under 30 hours.