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  1. Pants S F.

    Pants S F.

    US Entrepreneur. Hardcore twitter junkie

  2. Dee


  3. Sean A.

    Sean A.

    Jacksonville, FL 15km / 5km in 20 minutes

  4. Jose G.

    Jose G.

    West Sacramento, CA To heal and run again.

  5. Benjamin T.

    Benjamin T.

    Indianapolis, IN Get in shape for the upcoming D.IN.O Mountain Bike Series. At the end of the season be in good enough shape to compete in the 24 Hours of D.IN.O.

  6. Keri G.

    Keri G.

    Seattle, WA Next goal: Triathlon

  7. Jon O.

    Jon O.

    Baltimore, MD beat 3:22 marathon time, ultimately BQ, maintain weight loss (100+ lbs lost in 09/10!), run as much as possible. can't stop won't stop livin' by the run

  8. Robert P.

    Robert P.

    Jacksonville, FL Hawtness

  9. Bob M.

    Bob M.

    Los Angeles, CA To live fast and die old

  10. Drew C.

    Drew C.

    Cleveland, OH

  11. Spencer C.

    Spencer C.

    to lose 115 lbs.... got a long road ahead of me.

  12. Sheltyn R.

    Sheltyn R.

    Arlington, WA To get in shape for my first year of XC :) Try to run everyday starting today!!

  13. Dianna A.

    Dianna A.

    Laguna, NM

  14. Marcos L.

    Marcos L.

    Rio De Janeiro, BR Be a Super Human

  15. Mason
  16. Stephan
  17. Kristopher
  18. Marc
  19. Harrison
  20. Carmen