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  1. Tiffany Hutson B.

    Tiffany Hutson B.

    Moncks Corner, SC Almost done with Nursing School.... Goal: 5k in <30 min by my birthday, Be in great shape by graduation (5/2/13)

  2. Vincent E.

    Vincent E.

    Corpus Christi, TX To become a runner with an effortless stride and a clear mind. Smashed my 2013 goal. 400 miles for 2014

  3. Emilia F.

    Emilia F.

    New York, TX to be a runner.... now a walker with heart <3 Back in the game after a long time.... 2016 is the year

  4. Rachel P.

    Rachel P.

    Denver, CO PR My Half Marathon in Jan with any less than 1:52:46 last done in 2010. Then start swim lessons in Feb to run my first ever tri in July or August. :)

  5. Ashley H.

    Ashley H.

    Montgomery, MN is to loose weight? ha and to run at least 25 miles every month.

  6. Whitney M.

    Whitney M.

    Paris, TN become a daily runner, maintaining a healthier lifestyle and lose another 30lbs!!!

  7. Diedre G.

    Diedre G.

    Indianapolis, IN Get through all 90 days of p90x3. Workout consistently. Be able to reduce my 5k time to 36 minutes instead of 51 minutes.

  8. Willie
  9. Danilo B.

    Danilo B.

    Reston, VA Get into shape, do a Century Ride and some Sprint and Olympic triathlons this year.

  10. Josie I.

    Josie I.

    Cedar Falls, IA to get in great shape for my meets throughout the season and my final Conference meet in February!

  11. Cristian P.

    Cristian P.

    Salinas, CA

  12. Dee


    Ridgefield, CT Half Marathon (hopeful). Definitely - staying fit and running after my two girls.

  13. Jeffrey O.

    Jeffrey O.

    Carson City, NV Reno Tahoe Odyssey

  14. Becky L.

    Becky L.

    Richmond, VA I completed my 1st Tri in February and my current goal is to stay in shape so I'm ready for my next adventure :)

  15. Melissa


    Cincinnati, OH To Run and not be outta breath someday!

  16. Tori Z.

    Tori Z.

    New London, WI Get into shape, and be a hell of a runner.

  17. Nicole R.

    Nicole R.

    Newcastle Nsw, AU Improve my fitness by trying a range of different activities!

  18. Jacob C.

    Jacob C.

    Section Champs for cross country as a team

  19. Becky H.

    Becky H.

    Shelbyville, KY My health!!