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  1. Celthric


    am also on other sites like facebook or i lvoe bowling, hanging out with friends and recently I fell in love with cooking!

  2. Celthrac


    because it seems fun and you can do a lot here. I love hanging out on other sites too, like and many other.

  3. Maria Everlinda A.

    Maria Everlinda A.

    DasmariƱas, PH To be a future Triathlete.

  4. Amy Diane M.

    Amy Diane M.

    Rapid City, SD I am training for a Marathon in August 2012, and hope to run 1000 miles this year!

  5. Tiffany Hutson B.

    Tiffany Hutson B.

    Moncks Corner, SC Almost done with Nursing School.... Goal: 5k in <30 min by my birthday, Be in great shape by graduation (5/2/13)

  6. Schyler G.

    Schyler G.

    New London, WI Make a career out of running 5k Goal 2015 17:30m 800m Goal 2015 02:11m 3200m Goal 2015 10:30m

  7. Melissa


    Detroit, MI Half Marathon - Completed 1st half on Mackinac Island October 24th 2009 Plan to train for Traverse City half marathon in May of 2010 :)

  8. Lauren C.

    Lauren C.

    Mesa, AZ 4 Miles a day

  9. Robyn R.

    Robyn R.

    San Antonio, TX To be healthy, happy, and beautiful - inside and out!!! :) Peace!

  10. Kathryn D.

    Kathryn D.

    West Palm Beach, FL To run! I used to be a much more serious runner, but since the birth of my son, my goal is just to get out there.

  11. Maria Teresa G.

    Maria Teresa G.

    Henderson, CO My goal is to become a long distance runner again. 1st goal is to be able to run 1 mile with out stopping or having to walk.

  12. Daniela V.

    Daniela V.


  13. Crystal M.

    Crystal M.

    Mesa, AZ Im jogging/walking so i can be a runner...Also trying to tone up, and get fit to become a better tennis player.

  14. Joseph P.

    Joseph P.

    San Diego, CA Complete the Triple Crown in San Diego, CA in 2010.

  15. Jennifer L.

    Jennifer L.

    Kansas City, KS

  16. Maggie S.

    Maggie S.

    Alexandria, VA 1/2 marathon

  17. Susie S.

    Susie S.

    Sunnyvale, CA getting fit, want to feel good about me!

  18. Kelli P.

    Kelli P.

    Lansing, MI More distance

  19. Sharon N.

    Sharon N.

    ON, CA I have lots. Someday I'd like to run the Endurun Challenge (all of the events) and BQ. My goal is to continue enjoying running and feel the wind in my hair.