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  1. Kimberly O.

    Kimberly O.

    Houston, TX To complete my first Marathon in November 2011. Ultimate goal is to complete the Goofy Challenge in January 2012!

  2. Paul B.

    Paul B.

    Calera, AL I would like to run a consistent 8:15 to 8:30 per mile for a half marathon. Centerpoint Marathon 3/17/2012, Montgomery Half Marathon 2012, Calera 10k 2012

  3. Soa C.

    Soa C.

    New York, NY To run the Big Sur Marathon.

  4. Carmel W.

    Carmel W.

    Warner Robins, GA To run over 1000 miles and complete a min of 1 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, and 1 Triathlon

  5. Julie M.

    Julie M.

    Dallas, OR Help encourage other to get active and keep myself active at the same time. I love running half and full marathons.

  6. Donna M.

    Donna M.

    Spokane, WA Running my first half marathon in May, Valley Girl and Race the River Tris in summer and maybe a full marathon in the Fall.

  7. Gwen Davies H.

    Gwen Davies H.

    Raleigh, NC To run a marathon, sprint triathalon, and a half ironmane by the end of the year!! BIG GOALS

  8. Misty J.

    Misty J.

    Boise, ID Half Marathon

  9. Melissa G.

    Melissa G.

    Houston, TX Complete a 25:00 5k program, run a sub-2:00 half in 2012 and a 4:00 marathon in 2013!

  10. David D.

    David D.

    Holland, MI Want to get my mile time below seven to start, then try for sub-six

  11. Dv W.

    Dv W.

    Milledgeville, GA To run my first half-marathon this year!

  12. Joshua L.

    Joshua L.

    Seattle, WA Marathon: 4:22:00, Half-Marathon: 1:51:21, 10-K: 0:42:42, 4-Mile: 0:28:00, 5-K: 0:20:00, 1-Mile: 0:05:20, 1/2-Mile: 0:02:20, 1/4-Mile: 0:00:55:00

  13. Megan H.

    Megan H.

    Fort Rucker, AL To run 26.2. To run a 1:50 half marathon.

  14. Allison V.

    Allison V.

    New York, NY Sub 1:40 Half Marathon

  15. Carrie K.

    Carrie K.

    Chicago, IL Half Marathon on July 21. Chicago Marathon 2014.

  16. Kerri B.

    Kerri B.

    Searcy, AR PR's: Marathon: 4:24:10 3/2/14 Half Marathon: 1:50:59 3/1/15 10k: 48:12 11/15/14 5k: 23:11 4/15 1 mi: 6:33 9/15

  17. Jenny C.

    Jenny C.

    Cheyenne, WY I have a lifetime goal to run a half marathon in every state. Right now, I'm hoping to improve my half and triathlon times.

  18. Andrew W.

    Andrew W.

    Mt Pleasant Mills, PA September 8 - Bird-in-Hand Half-marathon, under 3 hours. October 20 - Beach to Battleship Half-ironman, under 8:30.

  19. Noel
  20. Joy R.

    Joy R.

    Hampton, VA Get the extra weight off first! Progress toward: 1 mile < 8 min 5k in 28 min Half Marathon in < 2:15 Full Marathon < 5 hours and 27 minutes