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  1. Stephen R.

    Stephen R.

    Marlborough, GB

  2. Duane
  3. Ollie
  4. Aaron C.

    Aaron C.

    Clinton Twp, MI ?

  5. Nick P.

    Nick P.

    New York, NY Get back on the trails. Build up to regular runs, without injuries, in 2014. Perhaps a 5k if I feel solid.

  6. Joe


    Ireland, IE 10K run -> 10K under 45mins -> Another Half Marathon -> Another Marathon 100K cycle

  7. Tom B.

    Tom B.

    Madison, WI Dominate on the bike. Win a state championship.

  8. Slavek R.

    Slavek R.

    Prague, CZ No numbers, no goals. Just enjoy every fecking minute am healthy and sitting on a bike. Do I want too much?

  9. Simon
  10. Mason
  11. Giuseppe
  12. Annie
  13. Alexandre
  14. Bruce