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  1. Yokasta S.

    Yokasta S.

    St Charles, MO Complete 26.2, Teach Group Exercise

  2. Natalie J.

    Natalie J.

    Haysville, KS Enjoy running simply for running. Attend Saturday group runs.

  3. Rhys
  4. Courtney O.

    Courtney O.

    Lake Mary, FL

  5. Demesha W.

    Demesha W.

    Olathe, KS Be FIT & ACTIVE! Started at 342.2 pounds in February 2009 and hope to continue getting stronger as I get healthier and lose weight!

  6. Stephanie G.

    Stephanie G.

    Kansas City, KS Training for 1st bodybuilding competition and then Boston Qualify!

  7. Lisa P.

    Lisa P.

    Jacksonville, FL become a 500 hour registered yoga teacher; Become an aquacize teacher

  8. Molly N.

    Molly N.

    Herndon, VA The VHTRC Women's Half Marathon Trail Run and definitely on the lookout for any other fun races and the right marathon for the spring!

  9. Kristen S.

    Kristen S.

    To continue to make fitness a way of life and to keep enjoying it!

  10. Bobby G.

    Bobby G.

    San Antonio, TX Meet like minded people who enjoy and love to share their passion for fitness with others!!

  11. Meredith R.

    Meredith R.

    To stay motivated!

  12. Yourstrulyallie


    Montreal, QC

  13. Jessica M.

    Jessica M.

    Collingswood, NJ

  14. Stephanie D.

    Stephanie D.

    Biddeford, ME Run as many marathons as I can. My first race ever was the Maine Marathon on Oct. 2nd, 2011 and now I am hooked. Funny I pick a marathon as my first race:)

  15. Summer T.

    Summer T.

    Milwaukee, WI

  16. Elise J.

    Elise J.

    Kennewick, WA Stay active during the summer until I get back into track season at EWU. :)

  17. Julia T.

    Julia T.

    Greenville, SC To run a marathon in 2013

  18. Becky H.

    Becky H.

    San Jose, CA 100 miles, 28 days

  19. Loretta E.

    Loretta E.

    Lafayette, IN Athlete in training :). Ultimate goal for 2013 sprint triathalon. Short-term goals: 5k in under 30 minutes. Three 5k races and one 10k race before sprint tri.

  20. Michelle V.

    Michelle V.

    Chicago, IL Spring goals: PR in Boston and run a sub-1:40 half.