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  1. Pete
  2. Brian O.

    Brian O.

    Milwaukee, WI Stay active and healthy!

  3. Toby G.

    Toby G.

    San Diego, CA To Encourage and Enable Participation

  4. Christopher M.

    Christopher M.

    Cary, NC Half century bike race LIVESTRONG challenge Philly August 23 Strengthing my mind body and spirit through all forms of exercise and the mediation it brings me.

  5. Robert F G.

    Robert F G.

    Indianapolis, IN Weight loss, Better Over health. Increased stamina, Better hill climpbing & increased speed.

  6. Mike H.

    Mike H.

    Grand Forks, ND Stay fit

  7. Duane D.

    Duane D.

    Humboldt, IL a better life through physical fitness, half marathon on May 1st

  8. Ultra Doug

    Ultra Doug

    Shrewsbury, MA Wapack and Back 50, Great Cranberry Island 50k, TARC 100 and Vermont 50 (sub-10 hours)... 2013 BIG YEAR!

  9. Crystal G.

    Crystal G.

    Louisville, KY Boston Qualifiying time - finishing strong and healthy!

  10. Brian L.

    Brian L.

    Yorktown Heights, NY Health, fun, fitness, and continuous improvement. At least one new PR a year for me.

  11. Scott


    Sprint triathlon

  12. Lindsay A.

    Lindsay A.

    Las Vegas, NV My primary goal is to feel fit again. Overall my goals are health, weight loss, endurance and speed. I am working my way back after a twin pregnancy.

  13. Sara B.

    Sara B.

    Milwaukee, WI 1200 running miles in 2013 1:59.59 Half Mari (April 7th baby) 56 or less 10k Sub 26 5k Goal Weight by my next birthday Keep being awesome.

  14. Jessica B.

    Jessica B.

    Honolulu, HI To run my first race in March, and the Maui Half Marathon in September!

  15. Freddy Q.

    Freddy Q.

    Ballinger, TX To run a full marathon in the near future!

  16. Scott S.

    Scott S.

    Muscatine, IA A sub 60 minute Bix7 and the 11 mile Dam to Dam for longest run

  17. Louise
  18. Barney
  19. Shane
  20. Ed