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  1. Pete
  2. Ashley Maly H.
  3. Troy
  4. Noah
  5. Barbara W.

    Barbara W.

    Austin, TX Great time to review my goals. Austin Marathon (check), Triathlons (5 this season CHECK) Modesto Marathon 2014 (in training) in 15 days!

  6. Katy


    New York, NY To get into great shape and be healthy.

  7. Riley
  8. Gene
  9. Damon
  10. Carmen
  11. Carla R.

    Carla R.

    San Antonio, TX Nike Women's Marathon

  12. Carrie D.

    Carrie D.

    Las Vegas, NV

  13. Jason S.

    Jason S.

    Romeoville, IL Chicago Marathon 2010 sub 3:40

  14. Tina Thomsen F.

    Tina Thomsen F.

    Fort Calhoun, NE personal fitness and enjoyment of the outdoors.

  15. Alison B.

    Alison B.

    Garden City, NY Long Island Half Marathon 2011 (my 11 year anniversary of doing this race!) and to enjoy running this spring/summer after the awful winter of 2010-11!!

  16. Kate E.

    Kate E.

    Neenah, WI To get back in shape after 2nd (& last) pregnancy. Spring 2012 half marathon.

  17. Joseph R.

    Joseph R.

    Winchester, GB to beat the ledge.

  18. Shawn B.

    Shawn B.

    Marshfield, MA 37 min 10K, 85 min 1/2, Sub 3 Marathon, BSOOL!

  19. Rachael G.

    Rachael G.

    Portland, OR Outrun zombies and stay fit

  20. Dawn


    Park Ridge, IL