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  1. Marcia S.

    Marcia S.

    Loose and never find again 12kg, I think it is almost 22 pounds. That has to be for the 2010 summer, of course!

  2. Joe


    Mesa, AZ To be the best damn mid-distance runner I can be!

  3. Kimberly B.

    Kimberly B.

    Tompkinsville, KY Good health

  4. Maggie M.

    Maggie M.

    Isle Of Lewis, GB to tighten up my ass, see if I can stretch my short legs (as if...) and just enjoy good health, fitness and the benefits they bring :0)

  5. Kenneth B.

    Kenneth B.

    Pleasant Hill, CA Did my first sprint last September. Working toward my first Olympic distance triathlon May 1

  6. Joshua S.

    Joshua S.

    CT Finish a half marathon in every New England state. Run a half marathon without walking(Savin Rock March 2012). Finish a 5k in less than 30 minutes

  7. Sandy C.

    Sandy C.

    IL To run the Shamrock Shuffle at 45 minutes.

  8. Dust T.

    Dust T.

    Liberty, IN To run and remember those who can't. To be alive and remember those who aren't. [ZHG 4/12/85-6/4/11]

  9. Cassandra L.

    Cassandra L.

    North Richland Hills, TX To become the healthiest I've ever been in my life, and the most fit athletically. (And losing 100 pounds in the meantime).

  10. Hayley D.

    Hayley D.

    Bellingham, WA

  11. Eddie D.

    Eddie D.

    Los Angeles, CA 1:27 Half Marathon; Sub 3 Marathon

  12. Danilo B.

    Danilo B.

    Reston, VA Get into shape, do a Century Ride and some Sprint and Olympic triathlons this year.

  13. Neil S.

    Neil S.

    Brooklyn, NY I'm a rock climber. Running is a way for me to X-train, but I like to run too.

  14. Kieran O.

    Kieran O.

    Cebu, PH To do 2 other Full Mary's within the year.

  15. Katie G.

    Katie G.

    Jacksonville, NC Sub-25 minute 5K.

  16. Mark M.

    Mark M.

    Fullerton, CA is to lose 60 pounds and become a distance runner

  17. Ruben G.

    Ruben G.

    Katy, TX lose 10 pounds

  18. Debbie


    Derby, GB To build up to running a 5k

  19. Bren C.

    Bren C.

    Edmonton, AB To get better. To run races. PR 5K under 20 minutes. PR 10K under 48. PR Half Marathon under 2:00hrs.

  20. Travis


    El Centro, CA to lose weight and get back in shape and of course have fun