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  1. Marcia S.

    Marcia S.

    Loose and never find again 12kg, I think it is almost 22 pounds. That has to be for the 2010 summer, of course!

  2. Angus
  3. Jason D.

    Jason D.

    Anchorage, AK Overall good fitness in all aspects of life. Mind, body and spirit working together. Work on form first then build both speed and endurance.

  4. Priscilla P.

    Priscilla P.

    Las Cruces, NM Im bringing SEXY BACK! Yeah! And I want to learn to LOVE running! Really im working toward better health & want to be a good role model for Phoenix.

  5. Theresa H.

    Theresa H.

    Go from "obese" to "normal" (140 lbs) ASAP the natural way (LOTS of cardio and healthier food options) by my bday in August 2011.

  6. Joe


    Mesa, AZ To be the best damn mid-distance runner I can be!

  7. Lisa


    Keep going! Further and faster!

  8. Bob T.

    Bob T.

    Bloomington, IL Good Health

  9. Lex V.

    Lex V.

    Ommen, NL Keep good condition and enjoy nature during running. First target 2011: half marathon within 1.41, and NYC marathon within 4.00 hours (at the age of 65).

  10. Aki


    London, GB Learn from experience, train better and enjoy the next challenge!

  11. Sylvie D.

    Sylvie D.

    Toronto, ON County Marathon in October 2012 Meanwhile continue running for as long as I have fun doing it. The rest is irrelevant :)

  12. Jen A.

    Jen A.

    Pensacola, FL Stay skinny, actually train for something again.

  13. Joshua S.

    Joshua S.

    CT Finish a half marathon in every New England state. Run a half marathon without walking(Savin Rock March 2012). Finish a 5k in less than 30 minutes

  14. Nicole D.

    Nicole D.

    Grand Rapids, MI Half Ironman in June/ Full Ironman before age 30

  15. Carl B.

    Carl B.

    Chicago, IL I want to be able to enjoy the good things in life for as long as humanly possible.

  16. Maribeth B.

    Maribeth B.

    To finish two half marathons by the end of 2011. The 13.1 in Atlanta (Oct) and the Savannah Half (November).

  17. Lindsay S.

    Lindsay S.

    Norwalk, CT Grow stronger as a rider, log more miles and fear fewer hills!

  18. Katie L.

    Katie L.

    MD Charlottesville Half Marathon in April!!

  19. Kimicalg


    GA to kick ass

  20. Lisa H.

    Lisa H.

    Skegness, GB To be able to fit into my cruise clothes! I enjoy the good life but I also want to stay healthy and slim so exercise is essential!!