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  1. Krista C.

    Krista C.

    Round Lake, IL To run a sub 1:45 Half Marathon.... Ran Illinois Marathon in 3:45... now its time to break 3:40!

  2. Leigh M.

    Leigh M.

    AL Be a member of the 1200 mile club, Run longer without having to walk, lose weight & get in shape! 13 Half Marathons for 2013

  3. Sara B.

    Sara B.

    Washington, DC

  4. Christi D.

    Christi D.

    Winston Salem, NC Outer Banks Half Marathon

  5. Dean G.

    Dean G.

    Newton, NJ Just finished Dopey Challenge at Disney and looking for new long distance events.

  6. Sam C.

    Sam C.

    Long Beach, CA LA Marathon in 2012

  7. Allison R.

    Allison R.

    Cleveland, OH run under 130 in a half marathon

  8. Crystal M.

    Crystal M.

    Mesa, AZ Im jogging/walking so i can be a runner...Also trying to tone up, and get fit to become a better tennis player.

  9. Laura