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  1. Nicholas B.

    Nicholas B.

    Pelham, ON Just to keep active, and have a good time outdoors. To spend less time playing video games and more time geocaching. To introduce my daughter to nature.

  2. Kitzzy A.

    Kitzzy A.

    San Francisco, CA 29m 5k (30:26); 59m 10K (63:28); 2:15 half (2:18); 5h marathon (4:52)

  3. Barbara K.

    Barbara K.


  4. Jordan B.

    Jordan B.

    Overland Park, KS Lose weight and gain stamina

  5. Brian S.

    Brian S.

    Park City, UT Log miles and have fun running and cycling. Keep fantasizing that I am in the TDF when I ride.

  6. Joshua H.

    Joshua H.

    Olive Branch, MS Overall health and to be in shape for Puerta Vallarta this summer.

  7. Tony M.

    Tony M.

    Providence, RI weight loss.

  8. Nathan H.

    Nathan H.

    Morehead, KY goals for 2013: I want miles logged each month. want to average more than 5 miles a week for the year and figure out some sort of schedule. run a 10k

  9. Cayleigh L.

    Cayleigh L.

    Brookings, SD To get my motivation back

  10. Tara A.

    Tara A.

    2010 Tower of Terror 5K in Walt Disney World

  11. Peter H.

    Peter H.

    Lewisporte, NL Gander 10k Race - Glovertown 5.4k - Get my weight under 170lbs

  12. Ad


    Auckland, NZ To keep running for the run. Retain NWOC M40 trophy. Tarawera Marathon

  13. Anthony L.

    Anthony L.

    Davenport, IA A mile a day for a year Finish the Ice Age Trail 50 under 12hrs Run a mile naked

  14. Linda A.

    Linda A.

    Grand Rapids, MI 5K

  15. Lesa B.

    Lesa B.

    Seattle, WA To complete the C25K program - DONE! 04/07/10 To run the Mother's Day Kirkland 5K on May 9 - DONE!

  16. Rob R.

    Rob R.

    Folsom, CA Bay to Breakers and Warf to Warf this year, and the London Marathon...someday!

  17. Dave C.

    Dave C.

    Denver, CO

  18. Kayleigh
  19. Dave H.

    Dave H.

    Raymore, MO lose 40 pounds

  20. Tina P.

    Tina P.

    Painesville, OH weight loss.