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  1. Paul F.

    Paul F.

    Mount Gambier, AU Personal achievement and staying healthly.

  2. Jill L.

    Jill L.

    Mt Pleasant, UT 25 or 30k for 2017 Happy Trail runnin. Watch my super sonic son achieve his goals! Keep my gratitude & JOY ♥

  3. Jimmie
  4. Julia K.

    Julia K.

    New Melle, MO To get stronger and more fit through walking and yoga and gardening. Haven't worked out since Nov. for several reasons. Taking back control, don't like feeling!

  5. Brooks
  6. Derek
  7. Hal


  8. Jerome
  9. Ross
  10. Merlin
  11. Pink
  12. Wallace
  13. Monroe
  14. Louis
  15. Jessie
  16. Benjamin
  17. Becky B.

    Becky B.

    Parker, CO To feel better...

  18. Megan


    Albany, NY To keep on running. And maybe even learn to swim and bike!

  19. Morgana M.

    Morgana M.

    Montreal, QC Losing weight, getting healthier, strengthening some longterm injured places.

  20. Kiwi


    South Easton, MA Woman trying to become an athlete. We can rebuild her! We have the technology. Kiwi will be that woman. She will be better than before. Better. Stronger. Faster