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  1. Randy G.

    Randy G.

    Monroe, MI Love for running for 38 years leads me to have less goals but challenge, meditation and fitness and fun, fun, fun come to mind...

  2. Lucio
  3. Nihongo P.

    Nihongo P.

    Japan Have fun learning Japanese! You can start any time. A Japanese Language School, Tokyo offering fun and effective small-sized group lessons!

  4. Perth Casino F.

    Perth Casino F.

    Clarkson, AU Perth Casino Fun . Hire a fun casino – the best casino tables and staff in Perth

  5. Laurie B.

    Laurie B.

    Anaheim, CA Keeping it fun. I need to get my breathing under control. Going to run slower & not get winded. Hopefully that will help. Keep my heart rate lower.

  6. Mr M.

    Mr M.

    Manhattan Beach, CA Mobizzo is a fun, new way to play trivia games on your phone.

  7. Nat


  8. Jeff A.

    Jeff A.

    Waterbury, CT Have fun 5k under 23' 10k under 50' ultimately complete a half or full distance ironman™, but I need to get some swimming prowess first

  9. Jeffrey H.

    Jeffrey H.

    Cincinnati, OH Start, Finish, Have fun doing it

  10. Yolanda B.

    Yolanda B.

    Chillicothe, OH May 4th Capitol City Half Marathon in Columbus, OH!

  11. Devin P.

    Devin P.

    Louisville, KY No 2013 goals set at this point...

  12. Nicholas E.

    Nicholas E.

    Charlottesville, VA 3-5k Fun runs

  13. Colorful C.

    Colorful C.

    New York, NY I want to have a healthier lifestyle with great food, lots of fun races and to drop 40 pounds. Not to much to ask for, aye!

  14. Victor Raul

    Victor Raul

    Toluca, MX 1,500 kms in 2010, Quality races, more speed, lean body, a lot of marathons and so much fun!

  15. Kristen E.

    Kristen E.

    Health and for fun

  16. Dan


    Lawrence, KS Fun!

  17. Andrea M.

    Andrea M.

    Lincoln, NE Have fun and stay fit.

  18. Phil S.

    Phil S.

    Orange, MA Lost 50 lbs in 2010, ran multi 5ks, 10ks since. 1st 1/2 in 2013, 1st marathon 2014! Goal is to keep going and stay in shape and just to have fun!

  19. Blake D.

    Blake D.

    Edmond, OK fun,class

  20. Natalie S.

    Natalie S.

    Hamilton, VA nothing in particular now. Just trying to have fun with the family and trying to find a shape other than round! :)