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  1. Bob


    Springfield, VA Get stuck back into it. Meet Preston on the start line of Houston Marathon in 2018.

  2. Jeanie S.

    Jeanie S.

    Dallas, TX 2017 Goals: Hike Yosemite (July) & Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (December); 5 Year Goal: Complete 200 hr RYT Training

  3. Jenna Z.

    Jenna Z.

    San Diego, TX Hey friends my goal is to make a tour of whole world within a very short time i realy love to do so, i like to participate my friends in my works as well.

  4. Annie Y.

    Annie Y.

    US Hey all, I'm Annie York from U.s.a. I am healthcare assistant at a reputed hospital. I love to play flash games with my online friends

  5. Christie


    Boise, ID Find my motivation again. Rediscover my love and passion for the outdoors and running and get to know my friends again. :)

  6. Michelle F.

    Michelle F.

    Coventry, RI I want to get healthier, eat cleaner, and be an inspiration others as a Sweat Pink Ambassador .

  7. Jessica H.

    Jessica H.

    Lexington, KY continue my 2 year old change of a fit and healthy lifestyle - runs and triathlons with friends - try and help my fiance catch the running bug :)

  8. Krystle B.

    Krystle B.

    Sidney, NE I'm not training for anything specific. I just want to lose weight, get healthy, make friends, feel great and get some support! :) Hope to talk to you soon!!!!!

  9. Kristin F.

    Kristin F.

    Albuquerque, NM To work out at least a little every day (and lose weight). I'm here to track my workouts and map runs, as well as connect with friends with similar goals.

  10. Lola J P W.

    Lola J P W.

    NC To LIVE a healthy lifestyle through mind, body and soul. Running, Yoga, Exercise, Snow Skiing, Healthy Eating. Surrounding myself with loving family and friends

  11. Jessica P.
  12. Jodi L E.

    Jodi L E.

    Pocatello, ID to complete my very first 180mile relay with some good friends and finish my first half marathon.....and have fun while running every mile!!!

  13. John M.

    John M.

    To have fun and help my friends achieve their goals. Run under 1:10 in one of my two half marathons. Run under 2:40 in the Chicago Marathon.

  14. Rose B.

    Rose B.

    Rochester, MI 3 centuries by Noovember 2011. Motivation, advice, friends

  15. Chopi A.

    Chopi A.

    Sacramento, CA To finish the San Francisco Marathon in less than 5 hours and to raise money for Friends for Survival.

  16. Linda K.

    Linda K.

    CA To get outdoors to run,hike,explore & to see more nature,wildlife & to make new friends to enjoy it with<3

  17. Julie D.

    Julie D.

    US I don't sweat, I sparkle. Just trying to keep up with my super fast friends!

  18. Andy S.

    Andy S.

    Pickens, SC To just be able to ride my bike again, get healthy and enjoy once again the fellowship of my cycling friends.

  19. Angela G.

    Angela G.

    To run with friends & to be an example to my kids for as long as I possibly can.

  20. Rachel S.

    Rachel S.

    Lake Stevens, WA To stay fit and healthy, be a good example for my boys and have fun with my friends.