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  1. Jessica B.

    Jessica B.

    Norfolk, VA Take the kids for a walk every day the weather allows.

  2. Jennifer Z.

    Jennifer Z.

    Rochester, NY To maintain an active lifestyle through a variety of activities, to support my active lifestyle with good nutrition, and to work towards my goal wt. of 119lbs.

  3. Lorik
  4. Danielle


    TX To be healthy To Drop 45 pounds To look great in my wedding Dress

  5. Heidi


    Normal, IL To be strong and a faster runner. Running my 3rd Half Marathon in September and hope to do a full marathon in the next 2 yrs.

  6. Silas
  7. Laura
  8. Adam P.

    Adam P.

    Lincoln, MA To stay healthy and happy foremost. Break the 6 minute mile mark. Run my first: Half/Full Marathons. Set PRs in 5K and 10K. Get my boys into kids fun run.

  9. Katie Y.

    Katie Y.

    Akron, OH To lose some weight before our trip to Rome. Then get back to the weight that I was when my boyfriend and I first met. That was 50lbs ago. Phil. 4:13

  10. Sammie
  11. Raphael
  12. Emil
  13. Wash
  14. Grace
  15. Rezel


    Jakarta, ID Doing With simple

  16. Keish


    WI Run a full 10K non-stop!!

  17. Dawn L.

    Dawn L.

    Beatrice, NE Just keep running. I enjoy how good running makes me feel. Its this mommy's "me time".

  18. Quintin
  19. Amber A.

    Amber A.

    Regina, SK a half marathon...some day.

  20. Priscilla M.

    Priscilla M.

    Livingston, TX half marathons, marathons, 10k & 5k races. New Years Resolution: Log in 500 miles this year!! wish me luck:)