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  1. Kim B.

    Kim B.

    Green Bay, WI 2009 first 5k / 2010 first half marathon / 2013 first marathon / 2014 Dopey Challenge / 2016 Boston Marathon / 2016 first 50k / 2018 first 50 miler / ???

  2. Chuck J.

    Chuck J.

    Richmond, VA 5,000 miles in the 2011 year

  3. Angie M.

    Angie M.

    Iowa City, IA

  4. Katie Y.

    Katie Y.

    Akron, OH To lose some weight before our trip to Rome. Then get back to the weight that I was when my boyfriend and I first met. That was 50lbs ago. Phil. 4:13

  5. Audra


    Train for and compete in 1/2 Marathon this year

  6. Andrew T.

    Andrew T.

    Roslindale, MA To make an NBA roster.

  7. Lauren G.

    Lauren G.

    Red Bank, NJ -beat these PRs: 1 mile - 6:51 5k - 23:19 5mi - 40:07 half marathon - 1:51:31 -don't get injured

  8. Mrs Kaci

    Mrs Kaci

    Bay Area My 2nd attempt at my first triathlon, June 2013!

  9. Diane N.

    Diane N.

    Iowa City, IA Become a better runner, rock climber, and overall athlete.

  10. Mel K.

    Mel K.

    Chicago, IL

  11. Emilie L.

    Emilie L.

    New York, NY Simply put, to just run for the sake of running for a while without worrying too much about it.

  12. Michelle H.

    Michelle H.

    Washington, DC Marine Corps Marathon

  13. Elizabeth L.

    Elizabeth L.

    Moscow, RU Run consistently, 3-4 times a week

  14. Kelly


    Tucson, AZ -get from avg. 9:30 pace to 9 or sub 9. (so, go faster) -run longer -beat the side stitches

  15. Michael P.

    Michael P.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL Cascadia 7: (3/21/14)@795m C: 292m @1100m Cumulus: (1/15/16 )@1096

  16. Michael A M.

    Michael A M.

    Sarasota, FL stay off insulin as long as possible, qualify for Boston

  17. Janja B.

    Janja B.

    Belgrade, RS To keep running until my knees give up at the ripe age on 90.