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  1. Tanyia J.

    Tanyia J.

    Houston, TX Training for the LoneStar sprint Tri

  2. Tommy D.

    Tommy D.

    Marietta, GA Maintain 175 lbs and look like I did on my honeymoon

  3. Scott P.

    Scott P.

    Cartersville, GA Get Out!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Parker M.

    Parker M.

    Fort Walton Beach, FL To get ready for, and run the Gulf Coast Half Marathon on April 10th.

  5. Kim H.

    Kim H.

    Kansas City, MO Run a 10K

  6. Robin H.

    Robin H.

    Portland, OR Cascade Lakes Relay / Go Girl Trail Run / Pints to Pasta - Ultimate Goal = 8 min miles!

  7. Shauna S.

    Shauna S.

    Boston, MA Ironwoman.

  8. Kurt E.

    Kurt E.

    Lancaster, PA To stay ahead of the curve, and occasionally take on some new challenges.

  9. Herbie J.

    Herbie J.

    Grand Rapids, MI 1000 miles

  10. Oliver B.

    Oliver B.

    Glossop, GB Manchester 10k, climbing Mont Blanc and the Great Yorkshire Run.

  11. Jeremy


    Omaha, NE To heal my leg!

  12. Bill G.

    Bill G.

    Santa Rosa, CA optimal physical performance

  13. Daniel W.

    Daniel W.

    Nashville, TN OKC Half Marathon, Harpeth River 62Ml Metric Century, 1 Full Century

  14. Charles S.

    Charles S.

    Seattle, WA A Marathon every 5 years until I'm 80

  15. Drmossguy


    Seattle, WA 5 marathons in 5 days, September 13th-17th?? Trying to fit this into my racing schedule is not easy. I am going to wait until after all of my triathlons.

  16. Thurston E.

    Thurston E.

    Missoula, MT Run forever.

  17. Jason


    Minneapolis, MN Enjoy life through recreation and an active lifestyle. Compete! Train to swim distances:confidently. Positively influence my child. Manage stress with exercise!

  18. Michael W.

    Michael W.

    Spangle, WA getting in better cardio shape/losing weight.

  19. Albert B.

    Albert B.

    Unalaska, AK To run a half marathon in 2:15:00 by May 2011

  20. Ginny G.

    Ginny G.

    Cornelius, NC RUN (no walking) a 5k by the end of the year, and a 10k by June 2011