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  1. Cindy S.

    Cindy S.

    Springfield, MA to stay as fit as I can given my arthritis issues

  2. Mandy M.

    Mandy M.

    UT I accomplished my first goal as a beginner. I'm proud 2 say I ran a 5k on Thanksgiving & now looking forward to doing my first 10k at the Boulder Boulder Race.

  3. David Brendan D.

    David Brendan D.

    Brampton, ON Soccer and Personal Fitness. Doing Sprint Training and General Working Out.

  4. Jeannie G.

    Jeannie G.

    Redmond, WA Compete at my best in trail races & triathlons. 50K, multiple 70.3s, 2x Ironman finisher, numerous trail races & half marathons

  5. Shawn D.

    Shawn D.

    Regina, SK Get back to marathon running shape! And maybe do a PB in 2013.

  6. Alvie
  7. Zyatp