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  1. Bethany


    Holland, MI Park 2 Park Half Marathon

  2. Anna-Kathryn
  3. Yogesh R.

    Yogesh R.

    Bangalore, IN Happy and that order. Everything else is gravy!

  4. Barefitdoc Rich

    Barefitdoc Rich

    Columbia, CT To run like a kid again, even when I'm old. To run healthy and strong for life. To share my passion for fitness as a positive role model for others.

  5. Gwen


    Mission Viejo, CA To run & ski as long as the Lord blesses me. To share my training & passion for running & fitness with others...

  6. Tim B.

    Tim B.

    Milton, PA Running: To run (finish) my first Half Marathon and to constantly improve as a runner. Life and Spirituality: Never stop learning and give all credit to God.

  7. Elizabeth S.

    Elizabeth S.

    Chicago, IL Immediate goal: run a sub-2hr half marathon. Long-term goal: after a year plagued by injury and illness, I'd like to reacquire my base level of fitness.

  8. Jackie B.

    Jackie B.

    Though I recently finished my college basketball career, my lifelong goal is to keep fitness a priority. Current PRs: Mile- 5:33 5k- 19:10 Half- 1:37:32

  9. L K.

    L K.

    Hungary, HU My main goal is weight loss but I'd also like to compete in a running race in the future.

  10. Xander V.

    Xander V.

    Brooklyn, NY Running 18 miles per week.

  11. Guillermo


    San Diego County Continue running, I'm glad I proved my doctor wrong by completing my first 50K Ultra. I still wont forget when she said "my running days are over", nope :)

  12. Stefanie P.

    Stefanie P.

    Schenectady, NY My goal for 2014 is to get back in the game as much as possible. I would like to run the Portland marathon and get over my fear of open water swimming.

  13. Lynn B.

    Lynn B.

    Mesilla, NM Maintain a regular running routine while traveling fulltime in an RV.

  14. Corey W.

    Corey W.

    Fishers, IN 1200 running miles in 2011

  15. Viana R.

    Viana R.

    San Antonio, TX

  16. Joe A.

    Joe A.

    Madison, WI Zen teaches to enjoy each small step and effort. Goals are elusive and a potential source of unhappiness.

  17. Colinda T.

    Colinda T.

    Lawrence, KS Run more hills! Complete the Moab Utah trail marathon and/or a 50k Trail race in 2016. Run and strength train consistently. Stay healthy and injury free.

  18. Valerie L.

    Valerie L.

    Wichita Falls, TX Weigh 135 lbs and run 10 miles in under 100 minutes. I am going to run a 5k in May and may sign up for a half marathon in the fall (2011).

  19. Brandy K.

    Brandy K.

    To live a fit, healthy life full of happiness and adventure.

  20. Katie T.

    Katie T.

    To challenge myself, and to become fit and healthy.