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  1. Jean-Mark V.

    Jean-Mark V.

    Norfolk, VA -Navy Fitness Req - run 1.5 miles under 11:15 min. (not on treadmill) -Run a Half Marathon PR -Run a 10k

  2. Rebekah


    US Complete body transformation and better health. I am 28 and I would like to compete in my first fitness competition for my 30th birthday.

  3. Vern M.

    Vern M.

    Beaumont, TX Nurture body/soul through holistic health & fitness, whole-food vegan diet, daily yoga, and mindful living. Run for the joy of running. Marathon #13. Ultra #3.

  4. Robert M.

    Robert M.

    MD General Health and Fitness/Boxing

  5. Marianne K.

    Marianne K.

    Largo, FL Current 10 week fitness program - Mind, Body, Soul. Walking, hiking, yoga, tai chi, health seminars, & The Perfect Me Program.

  6. Cameron C.

    Cameron C.

    Aberdeenshire, GB Rugby and general fitness

  7. Jennifer R.

    Jennifer R.

    Wichita, KS To run my first marathon! To inspire people to get off the couch and do something good for their bodies! To help people reach their fitness goals!

  8. Tami T.

    Tami T.

    Chicago, IL racing, fitness, health, to look fantastic!!

  9. Patience


    Chicago, IL -fitness

  10. Wendy H.

    Wendy H.

    Uxbridge, ON Body Fitness

  11. Valencia G.

    Valencia G.

    GA Total health and fitness...mind, body and soul! AFUTURE RUNNNNNERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

  12. David M.

    David M.

    Fort Worth, TX better health and fitness

  13. Eugenia


    Atlanta, GA fitness and weight loss for 5k and eventually 10k

  14. Mary


    Fitness, triathlon training, fun.

  15. Brian L.

    Brian L.

    Yorktown Heights, NY Health, fun, fitness, and continuous improvement. At least one new PR a year for me.

  16. Tamara W.

    Tamara W.

    Mount Vernon, NY Short Term Goal: Workout at least 7-10 hours per week. Long Term Goal: Get back in shape, better health and maybe compete in natural bodybuilding & fitness comp

  17. John B.

    John B.

    Mc Lean, VA Fitness test ;) , daily routine...and Marathon (TBD)

  18. Dietitiandan


    MN Maintain great fitness.

  19. Annisah


    Adelaide Sa, AU 1. Maintaining a size 4 booty! 2. Incorporating fitness into an otherwise gluttonous,social lifestyle 3. be happy & healthy

  20. Jo Ellen M.

    Jo Ellen M.

    Middletown, NJ to improve my fitness and establish a healthier lifestyle.