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  1. T3 F.
  2. Craig
  3. Blaine
  4. Amazing F.
  5. Fitnessdoctor


    As a surgeon, I have seen numerous sites offering advice that is misleading and confusing. Therefore, I have created my own site.

  6. Scorch F.

    Scorch F.

    a leading provider of online gym equipment of reputed brands at the best prices

  7. Francis D.

    Francis D.

    Denver, CO Entertain the world through fitness.

  8. Tim L.

    Tim L.

    Bozeman, MT Overall fitness

  9. Mike C.

    Mike C.

    Salisbury, MD Overall fitness and health as well as sports training. 175 lbs. by 8/1/13 Run in an official 10k race. Lose / Maintain weight

  10. Cyn


    Jacksonville, FL Improve fitness/health while having FUN living life fully.

  11. Barton M.

    Barton M.

    Sterling, VA beat my 10K time from last year (done!). and in general, stay crazy fit. given my fitness routine, wondering if there 's people as crazy as i am haha

  12. Hanlie B.

    Hanlie B.

    Cape Town, ZA Weight loss and fitness

  13. David Brendan D.

    David Brendan D.

    Brampton, ON Soccer and Personal Fitness. Doing Sprint Training and General Working Out.

  14. Tim B.

    Tim B.

    Mt Hope, WV My main goal is for general fitness and health. My short term goal is to work out for thirty minutes every day.

  15. Jenn K.

    Jenn K.

    VA Fitness + Running and 5K under 30 mins.

  16. Tracie


    Blackwood, NJ better health and fitness

  17. Phil C.

    Phil C.

    Breckenridge, CO Total fitness. Half-marathon at the end of January. Mixing it up.

  18. Shahid K.

    Shahid K.

    Bangalore, IN fitness and more cycling in 2011

  19. Nichol T.

    Nichol T.

    Gerrigerrup Vic, AU To successfully earn my Cert. III-Fitness and Cert III-Aged Care without drama...and to keep fit, meanwhile. :~D

  20. Parthasarathy


    Fitness and to loose weight