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  1. Fitness P.

    Fitness P.

    Lafayette, CA Personal Fitness Plans App gives you the ability to create your own fitness plan. The drag & drop library features over 7,000 exercise images & videos.

  2. Adam S.

    Adam S.

    US My Gym Family is a fitness studio in Bloomington, IN offering bootcamps, personal training, group fitness, nutritional programs.

  3. Fitcollege F.

    Fitcollege F.

    Sydney, AU Enrol Now for FIT College. On campus and online courses are available to become a Personal Trainer or Fitness professional. Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness

  4. Californiafit C.

    Californiafit C.

    Singapore California Fitness Hong Kong offers fitness training and exercise facilities. Its gyms are located in Central, Mong Kok, Causeway Bay, Kowloon Bay,

  5. Heath P.

    Heath P.

    Seattle, WA Road racing eventually and may try track riding. Mostly for fitness, extreme fitness.

  6. Nicole G.

    Nicole G.

    Tampa, FL I love fitness, and hope to achieve many goals through my fitness, and others. I am a soon to be college graduate, aiming towards a career of personal training!

  7. Nathaniel B.

    Nathaniel B.

    Milwaukee, WI Work toward Olympic Tri fitness. Get back in half marathon fitness. Get way stronger swimming. Average 200+ mi/month. Ride a couple centuries.

  8. Zack T.

    Zack T.

    Naperville, IL Top Level Fitness have helped hundreds and counting clients improve their bodies and their lives via our Fitness Body Transformation Program. 

  9. Shannon
  10. Bryan P.

    Bryan P.

    US Hi! I am Ben. A fitness enthusiast, fitness motivational guide and owner of ''. Excited to be a part of 'dailymile'

  11. Karen F.

    Karen F.

    US Checkout my profile @

  12. Barefitdoc Rich

    Barefitdoc Rich

    Columbia, CT To run like a kid again, even when I'm old. To run healthy and strong for life. To share my passion for fitness as a positive role model for others.

  13. Liz G.

    Liz G.

    Aurora, ON To lose 40 more lbs by Summer 2012 (as of Oct11 I'm down 35lbs)! Improve overall fitness level, strength and overall cardiovascular health.

  14. Anne K.

    Anne K.

    Spring House, PA is a place to find effective information, encouragement, support and coaching in the areas of diet and fitness.

  15. Craig
  16. Shanna W.

    Shanna W.

    Sunrise, FL To live a healthy and active life. Fitness and Health for a better tomorrow!

  17. Brooks
  18. Maude
  19. Marcos
  20. Lindsey