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  1. Endurance Pro

    Endurance Pro

    Torrance, CA 2012: Triathlons, Duathlons, Marathons, Trail Marathons and Ultramarathons

  2. Pink
  3. Jen S.

    Jen S.

    Mc Henry, IL to be harder, better, faster STRONGER!

  4. Cynthia C.

    Cynthia C.

    San Jose, CA my first triathlon in September 2009, and lose 72 pounds

  5. Sarah W.

    Sarah W.

    3 miles 3-4 times/week

  6. Cory F.

    Cory F.

    Wimberley, TX Consistent and continuous fitness

  7. Sarah E.

    Sarah E.

    Olympia, WA Finishing the Seattle Marathon in November. I also swim and bike, so planning to participate in another triathlon.

  8. Lisa B.

    Lisa B.

    New Orleans, LA 600 miles in 2013

  9. Valine


    London, GB Get my 10k under 50 mins regularly. Complete the Brighton Marathon 2011 in one piece and under 5 hours.

  10. David G.

    David G.

    Hoboken, NJ 5K

  11. Zane M.

    Zane M.

    Canal Winchester, OH

  12. Ellen M.

    Ellen M.

    Columbia, MO Break 2:00 in the half

  13. Nana B.

    Nana B.

    Scottsdale, AZ Du, Tri, 5k, 10k, and half in good time! =)

  14. Todd B.

    Todd B.

    Atlanta, GA a fight to the death with Chuck Norris

  15. John C.

    John C.

    Lancaster, OH 5k's

  16. Lena A.

    Lena A.

    Houston, TX become stronger, more fit, & take care of myself :)

  17. Lainee H.

    Lainee H.

    New Orleans, LA finish half marathon in under 2 hours. run first marathon. lose 20+ pounds

  18. Melissa


    Oxford, OH Be active, stay healthy, keep my sanity!

  19. Kandlefly


    London, GB Synchronising Moments.

  20. Shaun H.

    Shaun H.

    Basingstoke, GB