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  1. Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Cumming, GA Savannah RnR 1/2 2:08:43 Atlanta 1/2 Marathon 11/22- 2:13:25 San Antonio 10K 12/1 58:48 DC Marathon 3/9/19 Skidaway 1/2 Marathon 3/23/19

  2. Isaiah
  3. Shanta M.
  4. Merle
  5. Stephen S.

    Stephen S.

    Aurora, CO stay in shape to carry my son in a pack on family mountain hikes. Do occasional 1/2 marathon, maybe full one day.

  6. Kimberly S.

    Kimberly S.

    Act, Australia, AU ME, first and foremost. My family because I love them. My 25th high school reunion so I be "smokin" or at least ember like :) September 2010.

  7. Casey C.

    Casey C.

    Mandeville, LA Life, my family, my freedom.

  8. Leah S.

    Leah S.

    Richmond, VA Kicking genetic heart problems and genetic diabetes in the butt, and living a super long healthy life for my family.

  9. Chris K.

    Chris K.

    League City, TX A healthy lifestyle. Spend time being active w/my family.

  10. Dominic I.

    Dominic I.

    An Illinois based, family owned and operated construction and remodeling company handling

  11. Beccalou


    Daily walking , spending more family outdoor time , nature parks .....and as always SWIM !!!!!!

  12. Natalie S.

    Natalie S.

    Hamilton, VA nothing in particular now. Just trying to have fun with the family and trying to find a shape other than round! :)

  13. Shawna P.

    Shawna P.

    to be fit and healthy and improve my overall health for my kids, my family and mostly for my self.. i love getting healthy

  14. Lola J P W.

    Lola J P W.

    NC To LIVE a healthy lifestyle through mind, body and soul. Running, Yoga, Exercise, Snow Skiing, Healthy Eating. Surrounding myself with loving family and friends

  15. Heather M.

    Heather M.

    Shreveport, LA I've seen too many members of my family deteriorate due to inactivity. Sure, I want to lose a few pounds, but my biggest goal is to be healthy and active.

  16. Anne V.

    Anne V.

    San Francisco, CA Need to lose weight and be health for me and my family.

  17. Dm L.

    Dm L.

    Hanna City, IL I run and cycle for fitness and race prep, motivated by family who inspired me to start, but have move far away. Looking for on-line support and advice.

  18. Noelle C.

    Noelle C.

    To stay healthy and strong for my family!

  19. Olu F.

    Olu F.

    Needham, MA After completing my 1st marathon and Ironman this year, time to relax, enjoy family and friends, and get a little speed back.

  20. Tim M.

    Tim M.

    St. Peters, MO Prepare for my first Half Marathon in 3 years. Keep getting my family involved in events.