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  1. Mire L.

    Mire L.

    lose baby weight and start exercising after fracturing a vertebra.

  2. Lauren H.

    Lauren H.

    Atlanta, GA Run my first 1/2 marathon (and three more!) in '09.

  3. Crystal M.

    Crystal M.

    Mesa, AZ Im jogging/walking so i can be a runner...Also trying to tone up, and get fit to become a better tennis player.

  4. Janelle R.

    Janelle R.

    Austin, TX Shiner Bash, 100 miles, May 2, 2009 benefitting the American Cancer Society in memory of my father-in-law, Mundo Ramirez (R.I.P. 12/04/2008)

  5. Will D.

    Will D.

    Suburban Chicago Stay fit, motivate, build knowledge.

  6. Annie H.

    Annie H.

    Everett, WA to lose 20 lbs by October 20th, 2011!

  7. Matt H.

    Matt H.

    Bandera, TX Marathon Maniac #6436 (Iridium), Ultra Fantatic #305, and a 70.3 Ironman. Hoping to remain healthy, happy, and well caffeinated.

  8. Eddie O.

    Eddie O.

    Yokohama Shi, JP Just wanna lose weight and be able to run with my kids and not get winded! Also, I want to be a good fitness role model for them!

  9. Justine W.

    Justine W.

    Littleton, CO Riding 150 miles for MS again this year...and a whole bunch more for myself.

  10. Cari M.

    Cari M.

    Merced, CA I want to get in shape and decrease the size of my behind and thighs.

  11. Erica T.

    Erica T.

    Cambridge, MA 2nd Half Marathon: April 30 Kentucky Derby Festival.

  12. Leeann C.

    Leeann C.

    Indianapolis, IN Stay healthy and be an inspiration to my kids and family.

  13. Jenna F.

    Jenna F.

    Clemson, SC To up my mileage and have fun while doing it :)

  14. Kimberly S.

    Kimberly S.

    South Charleston, WV Being healthy and losing 50 pounds!

  15. Jamie


    Baltimore, MD One day running a half-marathon

  16. Nohemi P.

    Nohemi P.

    Las Cruces, NM The Bandera Endurance Run! Stay healthy, avoid injuries, inspire others to get healthy and active!

  17. Joshua E.

    Joshua E.

    Altamonte Springs, FL Fitness. I want to be in shape and run atleast a 5k

  18. Ashley M.

    Ashley M.

    Anthem, AZ Half Marathon... Relay... and possibly a few triathons

  19. Duane C.

    Duane C.

    Catlettsburg, KY Goal for this year is to run at least two times a week and do 75 push ups and 100 sit ups every day.

  20. Dehlia B.

    Dehlia B.

    Bridgeport, CT losing 100 pounds.