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  1. Molly T.

    Molly T.

    Panama I live in the mountains of Panama. I have exercise induced asthma and I'l like to run the hill more efficiently and faster.

  2. Darren M.

    Darren M.

    Atlanta, GA Half ironman in the spring? Another Marathon? Enjoy exercise while I can. Hopefully instill a few healthy habits in my children.

  3. Senior U.

    Senior U.

    Scottsdale, AZ Class Daily Log for prescribed and monitored exercise program administered via the internet for Senior Adults.

  4. Yokasta S.

    Yokasta S.

    St Charles, MO Complete 26.2, Teach Group Exercise

  5. Scott P.

    Scott P.

    Pittsboro, NC I'm trying to be a healthy, happier person via exercise.

  6. Marisa C.

    Marisa C.

    Gardena, CA To make exercise and healthy eating a permanent part of my lifestyle.

  7. Amanda H.

    Amanda H.

    Columbus, OH To exercise 4x/week. Do another marathon if my body holds out!

  8. Darwin
  9. Denise S.

    Denise S.

    NC Eat some what better, exercise more... and eventually lose about 45 more pounds. ... again.

  10. Bobbie
  11. Florian
  12. Jared F.

    Jared F.

    North Zanesville, OH Generally, I exercise to lose weight. I'm usually successful losing weight in the summer, I'm hoping to replicate that success through the winter this year.

  13. Theo
  14. Nik


  15. Dietpills34 P.
  16. Jen P.

    Jen P.

    Quakertown, PA Get back into my daily exercise routine of at least a 60 min/day workout, reincorporate strength training, & lose all the weight I put back on after the cruise!

  17. Foster
  18. Kristina R.

    Kristina R.

    Sterling, CO Live a healthier lifestyle. eat right and exercise more often. I also want to loose about 15 pounds to be at my ideal weight.

  19. Rene
  20. Californiafit C.

    Californiafit C.

    Singapore California Fitness Hong Kong offers fitness training and exercise facilities. Its gyms are located in Central, Mong Kok, Causeway Bay, Kowloon Bay,