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  1. Jon O.

    Jon O.

    Baltimore, MD beat 3:22 marathon time, ultimately BQ, maintain weight loss (100+ lbs lost in 09/10!), run as much as possible. can't stop won't stop livin' by the run

  2. Emerson H.

    Emerson H.

    New York, NY Olympic distance triathlon

  3. Helen S.

    Helen S.

    United Kingdom, GB Race for Life 5k (Delamere) (May 2010) Deva Divas Triathlon 2011

  4. Lauren K.

    Lauren K.

    Toronto, ON To make the move from duathlon to triathlon in 2013. To get back into distance running.

  5. Kathy W.

    Kathy W.

    Denver, CO Leadville 100 August 2012

  6. Brigitte D.

    Brigitte D.

    Gatineau, QC Correr 5k en continuo a final de diciembre 2015. Tb me gustaría lograr correr un maratón algún día... Está permitido soñar, ¿o no?

  7. Brien C.

    Brien C.

    Bakersfield, CA a long active life

  8. Stephanie


    Hoboken, NJ Half Marathon

  9. Katie C.

    Katie C.

    Cincinnati, OH Half marathon by this fall!!!

  10. Shaun


    Chicago, IL stay healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. treat others from a macro point of view and make the world a better place.

  11. Lori B.

    Lori B.

    Santa Maria, CA Run faster & longer in general. San Luis Obispo Half Marathon April 22, 2012. Half Dome this summer...maybe Mt. Whitney and Cloud's Rest too...

  12. Brain
  13. Eve T.

    Eve T.

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  14. Claudia H.

    Claudia H.

    improve as a runner in general-improve speed, and improve 5K time for the fall xc season, finish a 50-mile race in May

  15. Redi B.

    Redi B.

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  16. Kanwar M.

    Kanwar M.

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  17. Kirt B.

    Kirt B.

    Rotherham, GB to cycle coast to coast.

  18. Harald J.

    Harald J.

    a late comeback in amateur boxing. Due to regulations I have to quit when I turn 34 in April, so I'm trying to get a last fight or two before that.

  19. Abby I.

    Abby I.

    San Diego, CA Get in top shape again.

  20. Anne O.

    Anne O.

    Tempe, AZ Nathan Tempe Sprint Tri 9/27