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  1. Amy F.

    Amy F.

    Chicago, IL No immediate goal. Just to enjoy my runs.

  2. Dave W.

    Dave W.

    Knoxville, TN Complete a tri in 2014

  3. Corey C.

    Corey C.

    Ashland, MO Enjoy my 40's and be prepared for beyond.

  4. Kelly J.

    Kelly J.

    To get toned & back in shape! :)

  5. Marsha H.

    Marsha H.

    Fort Myers, FL To always enjoy running!

  6. Jason T.

    Jason T.

    Manchester, GB London To Paris August 2011

  7. Kim W.

    Kim W.

    Harrisonburg, VA Increase mileage and pace... and a half marathon in the next year!

  8. John Patrick B.

    John Patrick B.

    San Diego, CA Qualify for Boston 2012. Lifetime goal, become an Ultra-Marathon Runner.

  9. Kirsty M.

    Kirsty M.

    Edinburgh, GB To run a half marathon in 2hrs 30mins

  10. Judith K.

    Judith K.

    Port Elizabeth, ZA Meiringspoort Half Marathon in 2:15

  11. Angela B.

    Angela B.

    Overland Park, KS Begin running as a serious way to get in shape and expand the gap between my "real age" and my "body age" as much as possible!

  12. Brad K.

    Brad K.

    Milwaukee, WI BERLIN - 2013

  13. Drea G.

    Drea G.

    US Decided not to do the Bmore Half so have a more realistic goal (I think) now... to see my dailymile counter reach 1k miles by 12/31/13. (21.66 miles/wk)

  14. Kip


    Columbia, SC Get in shape and up the miles.

  15. Resilient J.

    Resilient J.

    Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, JP To whittle my middle and run the Oki Marathon in 2012!!

  16. Dana P.

    Dana P.

    Cape Coral, FL To Do a half marathon in 2:05 and a full under 5 hours :-)

  17. Michelle A.

    Michelle A.

    Baraboo, WI I have many goals, and they are constantly evolving. Right now they include: getting back down to 140 lbs, lower fat/gain muscle, work out on a regular basis.

  18. Crista L.

    Crista L.

    Melbourne, AU to keep doing "long" runs to build endurance/mileage for the other things I like to do - sing, dance, aerial work. I currently run 4-7 miles slowly...

  19. Anna S.

    Anna S.

    run 75 miles by the end of summer & get an 8 minute mile. (at least!)