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  1. Philip S.

    Philip S.

    Beverley, GB To look like a cyclist rather than a cycling enthusiast. To have my best cyling season ever and of course to promote the Mules Cycling Team (UK) Chapter

  2. Murali R.

    Murali R.

    Bangalore, IN endurance

  3. Mary K.

    Mary K.

    La Crosse, WI Ride more. I've moved to Strava! Find me there under the name Byker Caat.

  4. Ashok T.

    Ashok T.

    Bangalore, IN 24 hour running and faster in brevets/FM

  5. Russell P.

    Russell P.

    Nottingham, GB Mersey Roads 24hr TT Kielder 100 MTB

  6. Dippy V.

    Dippy V.

    Delhi, India, IN Fitness and Health

  7. Charles M.

    Charles M.

    Steyning, GB To lose weight and become fit

  8. Rebekah Reidy M.

    Rebekah Reidy M.

    St Petersburg, FL Bolt Run, St. Pete Run Fest Half, Space Coast Full, Tri Key West Olympic

  9. Dee N.

    Dee N.

    Vancouver, BC To stay active, daily, in my favourite endurance sports. (I've been putting my newer long-term relationship and taking care of kids ahead of my workouts).

  10. Julia Anne B.

    Julia Anne B.

    Atlanta, GA To keep moving well into midle-age. Would Like to run another marathon and century before turning 60. Maybe a duathlon? Continue weight training.

  11. Dave E.

    Dave E.

    Dana Point, CA I will be competing in Race Across America 2012. in the 60-69 Age bracket. I am working to take the record for this bracket.

  12. Rogerio D.

    Rogerio D.

    Queenscliff Nsw, AU Sub 10 hour Ironman in 2009

  13. Tim E.

    Tim E.

    Charlotte, NC Avid runner getting into the world of triathlon. Goals - 1. Get that swimming thing down 2. Knock out a few sprints.

  14. Shawn Y.

    Shawn Y.

    Toronto, ON To be in the best shape of my life, every day

  15. Rob


    Liberty Lake, WA Ironman Coeur d' Alene

  16. Tim D.

    Tim D.

    Maintain aerobic base and get rid of the last 40# as that will do more to help me with my long term running goals then anything else.

  17. Rogier


    Almere, NL PRs 5k: 19:37 - 7k: 28:48

  18. Jennifer W.

    Jennifer W.

    Berkley, MI This Big races... 2011- The Detroit Marathon 2012 - Goofy Challenge, DWD 50k, North Country 50 mile 2013 - SwissAlpine C42 Marathon - Davos, Switzerland

  19. Brian P.

    Brian P.

    Suffolk, GB Fit & Happy

  20. Sophia P.

    Sophia P.

    IN I'm training for my first olymic distance triathlon! Although, really, I think that I exercise just to be able to spend more time outdoors!