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  1. Endurance B.

    Endurance B.

    Garland, TX Products designed for Athletes that are Endurance Beasts. Your body is your machine.

  2. Editarn E.

    Editarn E.

    New York, NY an open market for Endurance Test X.

  3. Drew M.

    Drew M.

    Berryville, AR I want to build endurance to one day thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. But as a closer goal, I want to run a half marathon and then maybe a full marathon.

  4. Molly J.

    Molly J.

    Powell Butte, OR Hoping to improve pace & endurance in 2012! Running events: 5k June 2012 7 mile run August 2012 Goal - Beat fastest 5k pace of 11.5 min mile

  5. Murali R.

    Murali R.

    Bangalore, IN endurance

  6. Elizabeth S.

    Elizabeth S.

    Gilberts, IL Improve my running as well as building my endurance. My ultimate goal is to do either a half or full ironman.

  7. Whitney D.

    Whitney D.

    Sprint/Olympic tris, 5Ks, 10Ks, & 1/2 marathons mostly. Love to race, Love my God! Go FCA - Team Endurance! :)

  8. Ryan F.

    Ryan F.

    Philadelphia, PA Resume training for endurance athletic events

  9. Darrell A.

    Darrell A.

    Irving, TX Continue to increase my distance and pace overall running. Improve on my endurance riding.

  10. Uttara


    Chicago, IL Endurance Training

  11. Melissa R.

    Melissa R.

    Minneapolis, MN Improve my strength, endurance, flexibility one day at a time. I want to change my lifestyle to be outgoing, athletic and active & increase my happiness!

  12. Tony H.

    Tony H.

    to complete a 100k mtb endurance race

  13. Patrick B.

    Patrick B.

    Hagerstown, MD Training to become a strong endurance runner. 5k,10k and half marathons. I hope to run a marathon at some point. However, I really just run because I love it!!

  14. Gary M.

    Gary M.

    NH Strength, power output, endurance

  15. Dee N.

    Dee N.

    Vancouver, BC To stay active, daily, in my favourite endurance sports. (I've been putting my newer long-term relationship and taking care of kids ahead of my workouts).

  16. Ian M.

    Ian M.

    England, United Kingdom, GB Tour du Mont Blanc

  17. Julia Anne B.

    Julia Anne B.

    Atlanta, GA To keep moving well into midle-age. Would Like to run another marathon and century before turning 60. Maybe a duathlon? Continue weight training.

  18. Sven B.

    Sven B.

    Beefcake, BEEEFCAKE

  19. Ashok T.

    Ashok T.

    Bangalore, IN 24 hour running and faster in brevets/FM

  20. Bianca R.

    Bianca R.

    Haymarket, VA