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  1. Embroidery T.

    Embroidery T.

    Ossory Court, Ossory Rd, North Strand, Dublin 3, Ireland

  2. Jerome
  3. Laura
  4. Riley
  5. Hugh
  6. Florencio
  7. Monte G.
  8. Nic


    Whittier, CA buy a nice road bike and nice track bikes and enter a beginner level cycling race either track or geared.

  9. Penny N Eric H.

    Penny N Eric H.

    Edmonds, WA To be healthy and fit. To walk-jog pain-free. To stretch out of my comfort zone. To stay inspired, to be more active.

  10. Kathryn M.

    Kathryn M.

    to weigh less at 63 than I do at 62 and be able to hike seriously again

  11. C J N.

    C J N.

    Suwanee, GA 1000 miles of running in 2013 4000 miles of cycling in 2013 complete 1/2 ironman 2 Triathlons

  12. Nhetie S.

    Nhetie S.

    GA lose at least 20 pounds a month

  13. Malarie B.

    Malarie B.

    Baltimore, MD Run an entire marathon. Complete a triathlon.

  14. Heather B.

    Heather B.

    Gainesville, VA Keep a healthy weight, while showing my kids that staying healthy isn't hard work.

  15. Allison L.

    Allison L.

    Hattiesburg, MS Ran my first 5k Nov. 3, 2012 in 34:14 Looking to improve my 5k time and run some longer races!

  16. Luxuryshirts


    United Kingdom

  17. Carlos
  18. Vance
  19. Andy
  20. David