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  1. Trent
  2. Steven
  3. Dylan A.

    Dylan A.

    Tulsa, OK Trying to stay in shape and look decent. I'm not very good a distance running, was always a sprinter naturally, so I don't plan on winning any races.

  4. Shik D Y.

    Shik D Y.

    Bandar Seri Begawan, BN I choose to be healthy and active and to keep track of my diet!

  5. Greg S.

    Greg S.

    Solon, OH One foot in front of the other. Without tripping.

  6. Chandra D.

    Chandra D.

    Plano, TX Run next marathon under 3:20

  7. Premshree P.

    Premshree P.

    Brooklyn, NY run happy

  8. Frederick H.

    Frederick H.

    Italy General Health, Nordic Marathons, Sailing,

  9. Doms M.

    Doms M.

    Los BaƱos, PH Get back in fighting form!

  10. Robbie S.

    Robbie S.

    San Francisco, CA Just ran my first marathon - the LA Marathon. Now I'm staying in shape for the San Francisco Half-Marathon in July, then looking for my next Marathon...

  11. Kristen G.

    Kristen G.

    Bernardsville, NJ PHILADELPHIA 26.2 2013 OR BUST!! (still tryin' to do a full...)

  12. Sharad
  13. Arlbert E.

    Arlbert E.

    Austria, AT stay healthy, have fun and improve in Half-Marathons and Olympic Distance Triathlons,

  14. Dustin T.

    Dustin T.

    Crowley, TX

  15. Kim D.

    Kim D.

    Boulder City, NV 14 events in 2014-6 down, 8 to go

  16. Jason S.

    Jason S.

    Las Cruces, NM Stay youthful and strong until I die.

  17. Victoria D.

    Victoria D.

    Yakima, WA 98% paleo, CrossFit 5 days/week, run 100 miles/month

  18. Laurie A.

    Laurie A.

    Albany, CA fitness & wieghtloss

  19. Brian H.

    Brian H.

    Oregon, WI To cross country ski with my grandchildren.

  20. Elise


    Arlington, VA swim, cycle, run, repeat. going for the elusive BQ and qualifying for PRR Race Team.