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  1. Simon
  2. Deniz
  3. Amanda


    CA Keep running. Run in the mountains. Resume running post-baby.

  4. Bert
  5. Sarah B.

    Sarah B.

    Bradenton, FL Half marathon

  6. Allen F.

    Allen F.

    Belfast, GB

  7. Tim D.

    Tim D.

    Almont, MI 1. To Actually race this year 2. To Actually stay healthy to race this year

  8. Christy


    AR Feel GREAT and one day do the Chicago Marathon.

  9. Robin Stacy

    Robin Stacy

    VA Work off stress/frustration and hopefully lose pounds in the process. Last year my miles were close to 800. Would love to break 1000 miles for the year 2013.

  10. Gabi M.

    Gabi M.

    Los Angeles, CA to run like Roberto Duran boxes

  11. Elizabeth E.

    Elizabeth E.

    Marina, CA Train for a 1/2 marathon

  12. Lisa K.

    Lisa K.

    Columbia, SC

  13. Amanda L.

    Amanda L.

    Edmonton, AB Just keep running. Maybe a half this fall?

  14. Magdalena V.

    Magdalena V.

    Stillwater, OK

  15. Pam D.

    Pam D.

    Lapu Lapu City, PH Training for 12k!

  16. Asa


  17. Glorie G.

    Glorie G.

    Chicago, IL To get in Shape and keep my Health in check :)

  18. Odie
  19. Jordan F.

    Jordan F.

    Crockett, TX To loose One Hundred Pounds in 2014

  20. Frank S.

    Frank S.

    New York, NY my name is Frank, I'm from NY and I never want to leave this place.