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  1. Maggie S.

    Maggie S.

    Minneapolis, MN

  2. Ole Georg P.

    Ole Georg P.

    Troms, Norway Grenserittet < 3 timer, Ultrabirken < 7 timer, Birkebeinerrittet < 3 timer (dagen etter ultrabirken), OffroadFinnmark 700 2015?

  3. Tiffany S.

    Tiffany S.

    Madison, WI running a half under 1:45, landing a single axel, barefoot waterskiing, the american birkebeiner (full)

  4. Bryon


    Colby, WI Train for the Twin Cities Marathon.

  5. Stephen G.

    Stephen G.

    Boston, MA Ride, Swim, Ski & Row 4 Ever

  6. Topia I.

    Topia I.

    Adams, MA To enjoy the beautiful Berkshire outdoors

  7. Brian S.

    Brian S.

    Park City, UT Log miles and have fun running and cycling. Keep fantasizing that I am in the TDF when I ride.

  8. Jenn H.

    Jenn H.

    Milwaukee, WI tone up and lose 10 pounds!

  9. Jeff K.

    Jeff K.

    Florenceville Bristol, NB Fitness

  10. Meghan P.

    Meghan P.

    Palo Alto, CA To not be injured. To kick ass instead.

  11. Heather T.

    Heather T.

    Rensselaer, NY Healthy and fit. I just want to have energy to enjoy life!

  12. Andy C.

    Andy C.

    Denver, CO Triple Bypass

  13. Kelly F.

    Kelly F.

    St Charles, IL Great Western Half Marathon

  14. Sharon N.

    Sharon N.

    ON, CA I have lots. Someday I'd like to run the Endurun Challenge (all of the events) and BQ. My goal is to continue enjoying running and feel the wind in my hair.

  15. Pete


    New PR for marathon in 2013

  16. Beth D M.

    Beth D M.

    Driggs, ID Run my first 5K. Go backpacking!

  17. Alisha N.

    Alisha N.

    MI a 5K at 18:59!

  18. Shannon K.

    Shannon K.

    Cudahy, WI Just keep moving! Disclaimer: This goal may change at any moment.

  19. Moishe L.

    Moishe L.

    Boulder, CO

  20. Kristin B.

    Kristin B.

    Ashland, MA To keep one step ahead of the kids... and my husband.