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  1. Andrea H.

    Andrea H.

    CO A balance of distance running and weight-lifting. Figuring out that balance of endurance and power.

  2. Dave W.

    Dave W.

    Marshfield Hills, MA Run a sub-3 marathon in 2010 - ACCOMPLISHED!

  3. Daniel W.

    Daniel W.

    Bolingbrook, IL Distance Races

  4. John L.

    John L.

    Ossining, NY fun and distance

  5. Greg C.

    Greg C.

    Cazenovia, NY Re-establish solid distance base for sub-three hour marathon

  6. Michael D.

    Michael D.

    Hebron, IN PR at every distance in 2015.

  7. Jill


    Rochester, NY 1- ENJOY running my first Boston Marathon on 4/16/12 !! 2- After Boston...more trail running.

  8. J Geoffrey B.

    J Geoffrey B.

    Brooklyn, NY Continue to improve my running while working to motivate and coach others through 5k, 10k, half and full marathons.

  9. Will G.

    Will G.

    West Newbury, MA Get back to a sub-8min/mi marathon pace, AND have fun running.

  10. Julia C.

    Julia C.

    Berea, KY To stay in shape after my AC joint surgery next week.

  11. Torre E.

    Torre E.

    Minneapolis Half Marathon (June 2014), Tough Mudder (July 2014), Twin Cities Marathon (October 2014)

  12. Kelly R.

    Kelly R.

    Charlotte, NC 5Ks back under in 18:00. Be happy while running!

  13. Bill S.

    Bill S.

    Honolulu, HI Better known as billso. I have been wearing VFFs for more running fun in 2011. I carry a small camera when I run.

  14. Harrold C.

    Harrold C.

    Manila, PH beat my personal record (Crossfit and Running) every seconds counts!

  15. Stephen B.

    Stephen B.

    Austin, TX Run like the Wind 2011 - 6 Hour Run

  16. Grace S.

    Grace S.

    Toronto, ON To secure an elite ranking by running a sub-3 hour marathon.

  17. Roseann


    Sylvania, OH Finish the Maumee Valley Adventure Race in a decent time (36mi cycling, 6 mi kayaking, 8 mi backpacking!), Bike for MS, Sylvania Triathlon. Don't get injured.

  18. Levi


    Nice, FR !!! Running for joy, no matter what !!!

  19. Evy B.

    Evy B.

    Singapore, SG Running makes me a better person. Physically and mentally.

  20. Cbeautynmotion


    Winfield, IL My goal is: to continue finishing up as a full-time student while running with passion and camaraderie.