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  1. Kara J.

    Kara J.

    Lompoc, CA 2012 Disneyland Half Marathon (sub 2:45)

  2. Babette G.
  3. Annette G.
  4. Moses D.
  5. Roger M.

    Roger M.

    Portland, ME Te recover from health issue that kept me on the sidelines for 6 months.

  6. Maryanne W.

    Maryanne W.

    Irvine, CA

  7. Alicia L.

    Alicia L.


  8. Juri P.

    Juri P.

    San Diego, CA

  9. Marc M.

    Marc M.

    Anaheim, CA to do the Disney Half Marathon this year.

  10. Jac B.

    Jac B.

    Phoenix, AZ Lose weight and be injury free!!!

  11. Nicki


    Scappoose, OR To be able to run 3 miles again.

  12. Jennifer B.

    Jennifer B.

    San Jose, CA To run the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon with my friend Michelle P this coming January 2013!

  13. Kimberly O.

    Kimberly O.

    Houston, TX To complete my first Marathon in November 2011. Ultimate goal is to complete the Goofy Challenge in January 2012!

  14. Rick S.

    Rick S.

    Winter Garden, FL Stay active and healthy

  15. Ashlee B.
  16. Julie Z.

    Julie Z.

    Los Angeles, CA Live life, be happy, and just keep running -Current status: Looking for my first marathon, and a PR on the Hollywood Half.

  17. Dane
  18. Marcos
  19. Darrell
  20. Florian