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  1. Tara E.

    Tara E.

    Orlando, FL To get my half marathon time under 2 hours.

  2. Jenny J.

    Jenny J.

    Stoke On Trent, GB Better health and fitness and to lose a few pounds over the summer.

  3. Jason M.

    Jason M.

    Clinton Twp, MI I am currently seeking new and interesting challenges and goals.

  4. Paul R.

    Paul R.

    Mississauga, ON Chilly Half-Marathon

  5. Tara A.

    Tara A.

    2010 Tower of Terror 5K in Walt Disney World

  6. Katia H.

    Katia H.

    West Bridgewater, MA The Disney Half Marathon 2011... And a walk down the aisle! :D

  7. Jac B.

    Jac B.

    Phoenix, AZ Lose weight and be injury free!!!

  8. Steven John G.

    Steven John G.

    Hampton, VA 3 successful races... Sept: VA Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon under 1:40 Nov: NYC Marathon under 3:50 Jan: Disney Marathon under 4:00

  9. Kylie C.

    Kylie C.

    Richmond, VA To run the Disney Princess Half Marathon

  10. Stephanie M.

    Stephanie M.

    Boston, MA Just trying to get healthy!

  11. Berdo C.

    Berdo C.

    Durham, NC Run a marathon. Maybe the Boston marathon at some point (eep!).

  12. Chrissy P.

    Chrissy P.

    Manville, NJ

  13. Leigh M.

    Leigh M.

    AL Be a member of the 1200 mile club, Run longer without having to walk, lose weight & get in shape! 13 Half Marathons for 2013

  14. Janice H.

    Janice H.

    Get healthy. Stay Healthy. More trail hiking and running this fall.

  15. Jonathan
  16. Anna A.

    Anna A.

    Copperas Cove, TX To be a better example for my daughter.

  17. Adrienne C.

    Adrienne C.

    Tampa, FL To run the half marathon in good shape and be healthy for my upcoming marriage

  18. Hannah J.

    Hannah J.

    Clermont, FL my current goal is to run a sub-30 minute 5k.

  19. Nicholas L.

    Nicholas L.

    Olivebridge, NY