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  1. Kile B.

    Kile B.

    Wellington, KS to avoid sedentary apathy

  2. Austin P.

    Austin P.

    VA Lose some weight. I want to be fit and not have man boobs. I want to get fit so that my golf game (disc golf) goes better.

  3. Jessica P.

    Jessica P.

    Plymouth, MN Lose 50 pounds Throw disc golf drives over 300 feet

  4. Dave W.

    Dave W.

    Morgan, GA Being among the best at my current age of 71 in Disc Golf and Cycling.

  5. Dustin


    Fairway, KS

  6. Aaron C.

    Aaron C.

    Westbrook, ME strength and fitness

  7. Kevin B.

    Kevin B.

    Hoisington kansas Ironman Texas 2012 - HANDLED Sub 4:45 Half Ironman in 2013

  8. Michael M.

    Michael M.

    Hackettstown, NJ First half marathon and tri in 2013. 3000 miles in 2013

  9. Alison
  10. Jordan K.

    Jordan K.

    Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana Half Marathon on January 19th

  11. Ed S.

    Ed S.

    Seattle, WA summer: 2:0x 800m, 4:4x mile, 16:xx 5k, 1:1x HM later: sub-16 5k, marathon... PBs: 4:46 mile, 36:42 10k road, 1:22:42 HM

  12. Peter M.

    Peter M.

    Rochester, MN Consistent cycling train'n; Qualify for IM Hawaii @IM Coeur d'Alene; break 3:21 IM mar. PR set @IM W.Aus; have fun run'n my 2nd World Major Marathon @NYC mar.

  13. Shane R.

    Shane R.

    Des Moines, IA

  14. Kim C.

    Kim C.

    Webster, NY Gained a bunch of weight at nursing school so now that I'm graduating and starting my first real job I need to lose it and get back in shape.

  15. Joseph


    Corpus Christi, TX ride again consistently

  16. Ryan V.

    Ryan V.

    Lancaster, PA Trail marathons and 50K's, Nightmare 200 (cycling ultra), Tussey 50M (trail race), Labor Pains (12 hr trail race)

  17. Farrah F.
  18. Brenda W.

    Brenda W.

    Denver, CO To finally get my 2,014 miles in 2014.

  19. Sarah W.

    Sarah W.

    3 miles 3-4 times/week

  20. Patrick S.

    Patrick S.

    Manhattan Beach, CA Just some dumb sandal wearing beach bum running across the country one marathon at a time. More info here: