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  1. Lainee H.

    Lainee H.

    New Orleans, LA finish half marathon in under 2 hours. run first marathon. lose 20+ pounds

  2. Stefan
  3. Corey
  4. Moishe L.

    Moishe L.

    Boulder, CO

  5. Sergio
  6. Myles
  7. Lewis
  8. Dwayne
  9. Brandi W.

    Brandi W.

    Calgary, AB I'm just going to say it: I want to get ripped. Sounds a little vain, but it's true.

  10. Leslie S.

    Leslie S.

    Kirkland, WA marathon

  11. Amanda K.

    Amanda K.

    Baltimore, MD healthy living, lighter me

  12. Alexandra C.

    Alexandra C.

    1/2 Marathon, October 2, 2011

  13. Alisa


    Vancouver, BC Complete a triathlon in 2015. I should probably get a bike. And learn how to swim for more than 25 metres....

  14. Robyn S.

    Robyn S.

    Ashburn, VA health?

  15. Emily C.

    Emily C.

    Weymouth, MA Stay in shape. Be Awesome.

  16. Colby


    Los Angeles, CA To run in the Los Angeles Marathon this year!

  17. Mary D.

    Mary D.

    Baltimore, MD My goal is to run a 100 miler this year. And to run a sub 4 road marathon.

  18. Brandon R.

    Brandon R.

    To reach a point where I can run 3 miles, 3 times a week, in addition to making it to 2 Muay Thai classes and 1-2 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, weekly.

  19. Jen H.

    Jen H.

    Orlando, FL My goal for 2015 is to hit my goal weight of 120 lbs. and PR at the OUC Orlando Half Marathon on Dec. 5!

  20. Tocinoyburger P.

    Tocinoyburger P.

    Mexico City, MX Burger and Tocino want to have fun! Also, Tocino wants to lose some weight!