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  1. Genevieve M.

    Genevieve M.

    Winchester, VA learning to love my body for all it allows me to do. 6:30 mile. sub 25 5k. sub 51 10k. sub 2:00 half. p90x/running hybrid. doing 10 REAL pushups!

  2. Jamie S.

    Jamie S.

    Roscoe, IL Run. Just get back out there and run.

  3. Kathleen


    Brisbane Qld, AU May 2011: Mother's Day Classic 8km - done July 2011: Gold Coast marathon weekend (10km) July 2011: Jetty to Jetty 10km August 2011: Bridge to Brisbane 10km

  4. Ashley F.

    Ashley F.

    Cleveland, OH To complete my first full @ The Cleveland Marathon on 5.20.12.

  5. Brenna C.

    Brenna C.

    Wasilla, AK Marine Corps marathon with my Marine =)

  6. Katie B.

    Katie B.

    CA To maintain sanity and get (some of the) sillies out!

  7. Mikaela K.

    Mikaela K.

    Stafford Township, NJ Trying to lose the weight I gained while being injured/a college freshman. After that, half marathon and mile ocean swim!

  8. Darin
  9. Xavier
  10. Lars
  11. Natasha