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  1. Arnold
  2. Rebecca


    CA Stay healthy and active. Run a sub 4-hour marathon.

  3. Krysta T.

    Krysta T.

    I really want to become a runner. Right now I'm currently in the weight-loss process (about 10-15 lbs to go), but it is a lifestyle change I'm doing for myself.

  4. Melanie D.

    Melanie D.

    Finish my first 1/2 marathon in 2 hrs and 35 minutes or less; Complete the Taji-100 2013

  5. Marcelo
  6. Natalie


    Chicago, IL I want to continue running injury-free until I am an old, old lady. Throw in a couple more 5ks, 10ks, half-marathons and maybe a couple more marathons.

  7. Ivan
  8. Heather M.

    Heather M.

    Zoetis Run for Their Lives 8K June 9, 2013

  9. Ed D.

    Ed D.

    Redmond, WA be all healthy and crap.

  10. Suzanne S.

    Suzanne S.

    Greensboro, NC 10K June 27-complete! time 51:00 half marathon Oct, currently in training

  11. Aram S.

    Aram S.

    San Francisco, CA To stay in shape, enjoy my workouts and live a happy life.

  12. Raul S.

    Raul S.

    San Jose, CA the San Francisco Marathon (my first)

  13. Katie


    to have fun!

  14. Cindy D.

    Cindy D.

    Chicago, IL Chicago's Rock and Roll half marathon August 1

  15. Charlene


    Whitehorse, YT Bike (Spin) 3 - 4 Times a week. Strength Train 4 times per week. Hike once a week. Bootcamp 2 times per week.

  16. Resa B.

    Resa B.

    Huntington Beach, CA Run a 5K by Thanksgiving

  17. Mary Katherine V.

    Mary Katherine V.

    San Diego, CA I'm committed to doing all my errands by foot! I need to lose 20lbs, get back into a size 8 and reduce my genetic risk of developing diabetes.

  18. Johanna E.

    Johanna E.

    Oklahoma City, OK OKC Marathon

  19. Bongi


    Sacramento, CA Conquered the 10km goal last November, now for a half marathon by summer 2011

  20. Nickiedane


    Portland, OR Ironman by age 30. Recover fully from surgery and get back in the workout groove! Need to get my mileage back up!