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  1. Jared M.

    Jared M.

    Bundang Gu, KR 2012. Cycle tour Turkey, 3 half marathons, the Chuncheon Marathon, sub 40 min 10k and average 18 workouts a month. I think thats enough for 2012

  2. Danny B.

    Danny B.

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia, BO To move under my own power (cycle, hike, run, etc) 5000 mi a year, every year for next ten years --for a total of 50,000 mi between 2011-2021.

  3. Om A.

    Om A.

    Pune, IN Solo cycle tour.

  4. Paul L.

    Paul L.

    London, GB Maintain my fitness so i can undertake longer tours.

  5. Zachary H.

    Zachary H.

    Seattle, WA 1/2 marathon or marathon, bench 325 lbs.

  6. Michael


    Owls Head, ME I hope to re establish an active athletic life style. I also want to complete an 1/2 marathon in August '11. Increased lung capacity = less asthma??

  7. Tom H.

    Tom H.

    Cambridge, GB

  8. Barry M.

    Barry M.

    Bellingham, WA Turning my body into a badass adventure vehicle. Vroooooooooooom!

  9. Andy D.

    Andy D.

    Cincinnati, OH Ride my bike more. Do some more running too. Lose one or two stone. And have fun doing it.

  10. Jonathan B.

    Jonathan B.

    Welwyn Garden City, GB